Under 6 Football


The U6s will most probably be your child's first real initiation to organised football, and as a consequence we want the experience to be as much fun as possible. The onus is on participation (football for all), exercise and the understanding of the basic tenets of team sport and what that entails.

2017 training starts on Saturday 2nd September and runs from 9.15am to 10.30am on the cricket outfield at the top of Downley Common and all children are welcome as soon as they start in Reception Year at school.

The U6s will initially be trained by Dan Bater, however we will be looking for parents to get involved and ultimately take over after the initial few weeks/months. Each session will be a mixture of a warm-up, skills breaks-outs and mini matches.

It is hoped by the end of each session the children come away properly exercised and having learnt some aspect of the game such as dribbling, passing and general coordination.

It is asked that parents stay for the entire duration. Naturally only positive vocal parental support for the collective team effort is encouraged. We also actively encourage parents to be involved whether it be throwing balls back or helping their child tidy up cones and balls at the end of the session.

Please dress your child appropiately as the weather dictates. We ask that children wear proper sports kit with shin guards and we are happy with screw-in or moulded studs depending on the firmness of the ground however the recommends 'NO BLADES' due to the potential dangers associated with them so please bear this in mind. Each child should bring water and a snack as there are plenty or refreshment breaks. 

U6 football is 'pay as you play' and the cost is £2 per session, paid in cash on a weekly basis. For further details, and to request an online Player Registration Form, please contact u6s@downleydynamos.com